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Who are we?

Our company has been operating in different fields of trade since 1951, and since 2006, it has started the installation of new system vineyard and orchard systems in an international quality approach aiming at 100% customer satisfaction by blending the innovations in the fields of agricultural activity in both Turkey and Europe. Demirbaş Tarım is the first corporate company in Turkey that started to implement the instructed impregnated, wooden post and rope system used in Europe for over 20 years. . At the same time, we make production based on technology in the field of agricultural machinery. We produce first quality machines for our farmers during spraying and harvesting periods and export them to the whole world.

Planning Quality 24/7 Support

We are Establishing Modern Fruit Plants by Going Beyond Classical Methods in Fruit Growing.

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We produce 1st quality agricultural machinery by blending the needs of the farmers with the technology.

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